Kite Rigs

Here is a render of a kite rig from toonboom. Instead of using 3d models, I made faux 3d model with 2d planes in toonboom. This should make animating easier, now that the kites do not have to be redrawn every time they change perspective.



Rigging Complete!

Assembling the last couple textures on one of the characters but here are the official textures for the Grandmother along with how I decided to break her up.


Kite Design


Kite Design

Kite Design



Initial design pass for the kites. One more pass should get them working better. A change in value, and some arranging of the kites to create stronger negative shapes.

Top image updated (Nov. 16, 2014)




Currently in process of rigging my characters for animating. I’m using toonboom for the film since the program gives you the ability to add textures to your characters. This will let me keep the painterly look I developed in my style frames and character designs. Far too often the beauty of style frames are lost in production. Of course, that’s the illustrator in me talking. We’ll see shortly how I feel about animating with the textures.